Sabre & Focus Home Interactive Team Up To Bring ‘World War Z’ To Console

December 13, 2018

Written by Capt McNeely

Georgia Division ZADF Twitter: @ZADF_ORG

Focus Home Interactive will be teaming up with Sabre Interactive to help bring the upcoming co-op online “zombie” survival game, “World War Z” digitally to consoles next year.
Along with the news of the teaming up developers comes more information on the classes players can choose from in order to survive the hoard of infected. Each class has its perks that can assist the team.
Gunslinger, a character loaded with weapon perks and ammo boosting power. Hellraiser, an explosive expert that comes with C4 and other explosives to clear the way. Slasher, deals damage with their bladed weapons and perks along with their taser. Medic, armed with a stem-gun they can heal teammates from a distance. Fixer, along with the perk that allows them to restore teammate’s ammo they come with explosive bullets. Finally Exterminator, literally killing it with fire thanks to Molotovs and fire damage perks.
Players will have to team up and build barricades and traps as they must survive the hoard of infected in each level and just like in the movie, there are loads of them (upwards to 5,000 per level)! “World War Z” will be coming in 2019.

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