Opinion: The Rise Of Super Hero Horror?

March 10, 2019

Written by Capt McNeely

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After the trailer for the upcoming horror film Brightburn is still lingering in people’s minds and the growing anticipation of The New Mutants release, there’s something that can’t be ignored. In the current age of Superhero movies, these two are unique as they’re clearly horror films told in their own unique ways.


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The New Mutants, based on the comic series of the same name follows five young individuals who are being kept in a secret facility where they begin to learn that they have the “X-Gene”. While trying to understand their situation, the mutants experience terrifying visions that involve their past. The New Mutants is the first in a trilogy where as the next two films will feature mutants Karma and Warlock, and yes these films will be horror as well.



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Brightburn, on the other hand, is a unique take on the “Superman” story where in this universe, the humanoid extraterrestrial with superpowers is actually evil. As armchair experts try to denounce the film by pointing out the obvious, yes, this is a “Superman gone bad” movie as James Gunn and SONY Pictures have stated this is a “what if” film.


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This bold step made by Gunn has opened a new can of spooky worms. By using the “what if” scenario and the plethora of Superhero movies/comics to take inspiration from, we may be seeing in the next year, a new addition to the genre, Superhero Horror, where it’s either more horror elements are added to existing stories OR pulling the “what if” strings and remaking a story, could you imagine if they made a “Batman” film where Bruce Wayne is a serial killer?



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Oh yeah…

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