NJ High School Crushes Stage Production Of Alien

March 24, 2019

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

Kelli Marchman McNeely is the owner of HorrorFuel.com. She is an Executive Producer of "13 Slays Till Christmas" which is out on Digital and DVD and now streaming on Tubi. She has several other films in the works. Kelli is an animal lover and a true horror addict since the age of 9 when she saw Friday the 13th. Email: horrorfuelinfo@gmail.com

School plays usually don’t bring to mind horror, except for the fact that they are usually terrifyingly dull. But one high school play is taking social media by storm, the North Bergen High School Drama Club in New Jersey is making headlines with their recent stage production of Alien. Aptly titled Alien: The Play. The show was anything but dull. Presented this past Wednesday and Friday, their play was shared by audience members revealing fantastic costumes, props, and backgrounds. Even though the play’s budget was small, especially for a high school production, everyone who saw the play was left impressed.


The production’s art director, art teacher Steven Defendini, said there were audible gasps from the crowd as the curtain was lifted.


When the actual alien appeared they were screaming,” Defendini stated when describing the reaction when the Xenomorph made its entrance on stage.


The production’s fifteen sets were built by Defendini and six students/performers. They also handcrafted the costumes which included four astronauts and two aliens. The costumes were constructed from thrift store finds and items that were recycled.


For some reason, I suddenly feel better about the future of horror.  Bravo kids!




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