Beloved Indie Horror Game ‘Monstrum’ Coming To Consoles

August 8, 2019

Written by Capt McNeely

Georgia Division ZADF Twitter: @ZADF_ORG

Team Junkfish has teamed up with SOEDESCO to bring their popular PC horror game, Monstrum, into the homes of more gamers! The game has earned high praises from gamers, critics, YouTubers, and Streamers for its unique horror experience that’s not been seen in many horror titles.





Monstrum takes players to a derelict cargo ship where they’re not alone. Onboard the ship is a monster that relentlessly hunts its prey and since you’re the only other person on the ship…you’re it! The game has a permadeath mechanic that if you’re killed by the monster, you’ll have to start over but this is where one of the game’s features comes into play. Each start of the gameplay is unique as the environment as well as the monster that’s hunting you chances.





Your goal is to escape the ship by outwitting the monsters hunting you. You can distract the monsters, hide, and run but there are more dangers on the ship besides the monsters.





Monstrum has been announced that it’s getting ported to PlayStation 4, and Xbox One but SOEDESCO has just announced that Nintendo Switch has also been added to that console lineup. We’ll have updates on release dates and more!


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