Movie Review: Incredible Violence (2018)

September 28, 2019

Written by DanXIII

Daniel XIII; the result of an arcane ritual involving a King Diamond album, a box of Count Chocula, and a copy of Swank magazine, is a screenwriter, actor, artist, and reviewer of fright flicks…Who hates ya baby?

G. Patrick Condon (Stephen Oates) is a frisky filmmaker who ended up blowing the 200k jackpot wad he scored from some shady AF “investors” that was supposed to be used to make a film… but sure as shit was fuckin’ not.

Since he is a veritable font of right shit ideers, our main man G. Pat decides to go right ahead and make the film for zero dollars in a classic example of “Operation: Save Ass”. In short, he becomes the villain in his own fright flick and makes a found footage style fracas where the neophyte actors involved have no idea they are intended to die for real on the sinful silver screen. One lil’ problem; our “hero” truly sucks at murder, and soon some of the cast get wise to the goings-on and the fat of ol’ G. is well and truly in the fire.

Incredible Violence works for a number of reasons. What, you were actually expecting to see a numbered list. Okay fuuuuuu… umm… where the hell is that numbered list thingy… ahh here it is…

  1. The meta element of the film is well-done, and actually serves the narrative… and thankfully doesn’t become an irritating ass-pain, even when characters start dissecting some of the hoary ol’ chestnuts of our beloved horror biz.
  2. Working off the above, the writing on this (courtesy of Writer/Director G. Patrick Condon… yeah this yarn is supposedly semi-autobiographical) is razor sharp, fun, and actually funny, and skewers both horror films and low-budget, independent filmmaking in a way that actually doesn’t take a steamin’ demon deuce on either.
  3. Steven Oates acts his freakin’ balls off in this thing, and should do more roles for us Koffin Kids… even if he is now “Sans nads” as Shakespeare was wont to say.
  4. To that end; the slasher bag as presented by our protagonist is a sinister stitch. You’ll be laughing your arcane asses off as G. tries in vain to put the murder juju on his unsuspecting victims.
  5. Other positives.

As for negatives, they number among… oh fuck; here we go again…

  1. Some of the effects look like they have a case of the cheaps. Whoopie-shit.
  2. Yeah, that was it for me…

Okay enough of that.

So yeah, Incredible Violence works as both horror comedy and knowing dissection of two of my fav things; fright flicks and independent cinema… and is also fun, gory, and filled with a heartfelt sense of truth about how we do in the budget-conscious celluloid (okay, digital) salt-mines (you didn’t think I just talk about films, didja?), minus all the murder that is… now get your putrid peepers on it die-rectly!



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