Movie Review: Gwen (2019)

October 4, 2019

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Writer-director William McGregor’s period thriller, Gwen is a mix of subgenres set in the hills of Wales during the industrial revolution. A poor family struggles to keep their farm going under as their livestock is mysteriously butchered, a shadowy figure lurks outside in the darkness, and a group of men threatens the family in a push to get them to sell their farm, all while the mother is struck with sickness.


Eleanor Worthington-Cox plays the eldest daughter and the star of the film. Her character is left to take care of her little sister, her mother, and the farm as her mother falls ill. Cox’s performance is incredible. Her character goes through so many troubles and she never fails to portray every scene, every emotion beautifully. I imagine it wasn’t an easy role, and for such a young actress, which leaves me highly impressed by Cox.


The cinematography and scenery were absolutely fantastic. The way the land and the light are captured on film it almost seems as if it is a character all its own. It feels so cold and harsh, dark and dirty, like a villain that the family has to battle. The cinematography adds so much dimension and stark ambiance to the film.


The story itself is heartbreaking. But at the same time, it is powerful and moving, filled with tension, and intense emotion. We watch as a child becomes a young woman, finding incredible strength to carry on in the face of disaster, death, and heartache.


It’s a deep film. It requires your attention to the sometimes subtle events, but it is well worth it. This 5/5 film will soon be on a small screen near you, it will be released on Blu-ray and DVD October 8th from RLJE, followed by its arrival on Shudder on October 17th.



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