‘Don’t Die Minerva!’ Coming To Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview this December

October 31, 2019

Written by Capt McNeely

Georgia Division ZADF Twitter: @ZADF_ORG

Xaviant, the developer that brought you the battle royal game The Culling, will be bringing Halloween back into the Christmas season with their upcoming Rogue-like game Don’t Die Minerva!.





This third-person game will take players into a haunted house full of evil spirits and monsters as 11-year-old Minerva. All she has with her as she’s inside the mansion is a flashlight and a backpack full of stuffed animals but thanks to the magic inside the mansion, her flashlight is a weapon and her stuffed animal’s fight by her side!





This 3-D game has procedurally generated levels, meaning that no game is the same whenever you play. There are four difficulty levels to choose from which will make the randomized combat encounters more intense. The looting system will allow players thousands of customizations of weapons and armor and through the elemental attribute system, weapons can be synergized!





There’s a reason why “Don’t Die” is in the game’s title, there’s a permadeath system in the game but don’t worry, upgrades made to items will be permanent but be warned, death is around every corner!





Don’t Die Minerva! Will be coming to Steam and Xbox One this December as a Steam Early Access / Xbox Game Preview title that will be updated regularly by Xaviant.


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