Just Like The Coronavirus, Panic And Misinformation Is Spreading

March 5, 2020

Written by Capt McNeely

Georgia Division ZADF Twitter: @ZADF_ORG

Cases of Corona Virus (AKA SARS-CoV-2, and COVID-19) are on the rise in the United States and the result are as suspected; people are starting to panic while ignoring the experts.

The rate of panic has now increased since my last article about people being afraid of contracting the disease from all things Corona Beer. New fears arose due in part of deliberate misinformation spreading by “Troll Farms” on social media that are making people afraid of people of East Asian Decent as seen on multiple viral (no pun intended) videos on social media showing people freaking out at fellow public transit passengers that are Asian. Some people are beginning to ask if it’s a good idea to gargle with bleach, here’s my answer with the help of Archer:


livememe.com - Archer Ants



New fears that are absurd being seen out there right now are that people are convinced that you could catch the Coronavirus by eating Chinese food, receiving mail/packages from China or other Asian countries. On the CDC’s webpage dedicated to updating and providing all the needed information about Coronavirus, nothing above is mentioned as a way to catch the illness as I’m sure the ones working on the site were looking at all the ridiculous things and going…



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The next big topic is the talk of preventative measures to help you not get over or not catch the virus because there are some people out there whose hobbies include trying to profit off of fears. A televangelist claims that a silver supplement of his will cure the virus, in which news commentator and comedian John Oliver brought up a good point that it would only work if the virus cells themselves were Werewolves.



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Now onto what will help calm your fears: facts.




The best source you can get information about Coronavirus, as well as updated news on it, is through the CDC’s official page covering the subject. The virus is spread through coughing and sneezing resulting in “mucus”, that’s the polite way of saying that gross stuff flying out of your mouth when you cough or sneeze this animated video demonstrates it perfectly. so it’s advised to cough and sneeze in the elbow crease of your arm as it will prevent the spread more affectively as proven by the Mythbusters in this old clip.

The biggest way to fight the virus is to simply wash your hands. Experts have stated that 20 seconds of washing your hands in warm/hot water and soap will kill any flu, cold, and potential Coronavirus on your hands, so that’s two choruses of the “Happy Birthday” song, but since this is Horror Fuel, I came up with a new one for you guys:

Happy Deathday to you, happy deathday to you, happy deathday dear Coronavirus, happy deathday to you!

Just sing that in your head twice and you should be good to go!


Another method to clean your hands in the event you don’t have access to a sink is hand sanitizer, just put a quarter-size blob of it on your hand and rub it in, but here is an old trick I used if you’re willing to give it a try if hand sanitizer is hard to get.

Back when I interned at a zoo with primates, I got into some nasty stuff, and some of the animals I was working with had some even nastier diseases. I would wash my hands as if I was going to perform surgery and afterward, I took a big bottle of rubbing alcohol and squirted it on my hands to make that wet and rubbed it all over my hands and up my arms a little. Be warned, every little cut or scrape you did not know you had on your hands/fingers will be found!



it might feel like that but at least you know it’s killing germs



So in short, wash your hands, don’t touch your face with unclean hands, use hand sanitizer after blowing your nose, take showers after coming home from work, put dirty laundry right into the wash. Just use the common sense you have when dealing with any other flu or cold outbreak.


Common sense is not a gift… – Learning Mind

via Learning Mind



And again, the best source of information about the Coronavirus and steps to take to prevent or seek treatment can be found on the CDC’s website! I can’t stress that enough as you can get daily updates from them with facts and non-sensational banter.

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