Movie Review: Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind (2020)

The new doc Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind, hosted by Dr. Steven Greer, the world’s foremost  authority on all things spaceman related, puts both spiritual belief is being utilized to contact extraterrestrials.

Over the course of two hours we are witness to countless footage of alleged spacecraft, interviews, and tales of those that pilot those strange vehicles… and these are not conversations with any ol’ crackpots; no the folks talked to here are some real big brain cats, ya dig?

So with all of that intellectual weight behind it, does this doc make the tales presented believable? I have no idea… hows that for a non-answer cats n’ creeps?

For real though, if you are a die-hard U.F.O. skeptic, I doubt the evidence presented here will change your mind, but if you like to hold the belief that there is something out there, than this flick is a whole mess of speculative fun!

Comprised of a sort of New age sense of the scientific (wrap your sexy lil’ brains around that one), Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind has all of the funky alien encounters, blurry U.F.O. footage, and talking head brainiacs to satisfy lovers of the paranormal documentaries of the sinister seventies and devotees of von Däniken, albeit with a very modern coat of preternatural paint!



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