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April 16, 2020

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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I was able to get my hands on a copy of Sony Pictures’ new “Ghostbusters: Artbook,” featuring artwork from artists all over the world, paying homage to the classic in their own styles.

I was a bit surprised when I picked up the box that the mailman left on my doorstep, it was quite heavy. I excitedly tore through the brown box like Wolverine. I threw the bubble wrap over my shoulder like a bride throws her bouquet. Finally, I saw it.

I was met with a big book ( 208 pages) whose cover art is in bubble gum colors featuring our favorite ghost, Slimer. As I ran my hands over the hardcover of the book it was easy to see that the cover is super high quality, thick,  firm and smooth.

I flipped straight to the introduction written by none other than Jason Reitman, the Golden Globe winner and the four-time Acadamy Award nominee who is directing the upcoming Ghostbusters: Afterlife movie. You see, Reitman has Ghostbusters in his blood, he’s the son of Ivan Reitman who directed the first two movies.

After reading the touching introductions I continued to chapter one, “Who You Gonna Call”. I should mention that each chapter of the collection is titled with a quote from the first movie and features related artwork.

Chapter one is filled with posters. They are all incredible. Picking a favorite was hard, but I kept coming back to the first, the tri-color poster by Dan Shearn that features every single character in the movie in red, black and gray.

Chapter two: “We’re Ready To Believe You,” reveals the Ghostbusters in multiple styles. The page that I love the most is page 32 which depicts Bill Murray in the scene where he’s just been slimed.

Chapter Three quotes Dr. Venkman and is all about the ghosts in the movie, Slimer, the librarian. David Earhart’s piece of the marshmallow man and Slimer pictures the two as buddies and it’s pretty adorable.

Chapter Four is all about the Ghostbusters office, the traps, and Ecto-1 (the Ghostbusters’ ride). Alejandro Blasi’s artwork puts Ecto-1 into space with lasers blasting. It’s definitely a piece I could see hanging in my office.

Chapter five centers around the disgusting, but still somehow adorable Slimer in multiple styles, everything sketches to cartoons, including the piece that is on the cover.

Chapter six opens with the iconic quote “We came, we saw, we kicked its ass” spoke by Dr. Peter Vankman. This chapter is filled with art that captures the moments the boys kicked ass as a team. If I have to name a favorite from this chapter I have to say it’s Damien Edwardson’s artwork that calls to mind the Queen II album cover.

Chapter seven pays homage to  Sigourney Weaver’s character Dana Barrett and the Terror Dogs, as well as the goofy, but lovable Louis. Many of the artists paint Dana in a sexy, smoldering light along with the imposing big beasts. There are too many awesome images in this chapter to pick a favorite.

Gozer fills the pages of chapter eight in all its terrifying glory. I quickly spotted the piece by Chantal Handley. Her style is very distinct and is always impressive.

The Ghostbusters choose their destructor in chapter nine. But who doesn’t love the Stay Puft man? Brittany Falcon’s version of the giant marshmallow creature on a collectors card is beyond cute.

The tenth chapter turns the characters into posters and other art, with Giuseppe Balestra’s capturing my attention, quoting “Something strange in your neighborhood? Something weird and it don’t look good?” It would be a great advertising poster for the Ghostbusters.

The book captures so many iconic scenes and quotes from the movie that made such a splash that it’s become part of our culture forever.

You can’t deny that each of the 170 artists, from the age of 13 up, poured their souls into their pages. The art is stunning and the book is simply incredible. This book belongs in every collector’s collection. It’s a 5 out of 5, no question!

You pick up your copy of the “Ghostbusters: Artbook” ($39.99) from Sony Pictures, Ghost Corps., Printed in Blood, and Insight Editions. You can find the book on Amazon now.


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