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Tom Ellis Signs On For Season Six Of “Luficer”


Good news has arrived for “Lucifer” fans! The series’ star Tom Ellis has wrapped contract negotiations for season six. Last month a dispute arose over his contract that if not worked out would have killed the show.

With season five yet to premiere on Netflix and word of cancelation looming it seemed as if a miracle had happened when Warner Bros. and Netflix extended the series after it passed its deal for the fourth and fifth seasons. Like many series and films, the Covid-19 pandemic will affect its release.

While the premiere date for season 5 is yet to be announced at least we know the show has a future. Speaking of futures, the titles of the season’s episodes tease some big events. For example, the season five finale is titled “A Chance At a Happy Ending” and features the tagline “The final episode of Lucifer, the final fight with dad.” But don’t panic. With season six confirmed and the fifth season unreleased, storylines and episodes could potentially change.

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