Blu-ray Review: Sink Your Teeth Into ‘Deep Blue Seas 3’

August 22, 2020

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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The first time that I saw the trailer for Deep Blue Sea 3, I was beyond excited, I’m a sucker for anything that involves sharks. But deep down there was a lingering fear that it would just be another cheesy creature feature. Thankfully, it has real substance. Let’s talk about it.


Deep Blue Sea 3 centers on Marine Biologist Emma Collins and her team who are on a mission to study the ocean’s greatest predators.  Using a man-made island as their base, Emma and the team’s study is interrupted by her old flame who needs their help catching a shiver of genetically enhanced smart sharks. The majestic creatures are the least of their worries when a man proves that humans are the real animals.


Tania Raymonde stars as Emma. She brings a realness to the character. Her real-life passion for sharks translates to screen. She is fantastic. During our interview she filled us in on an interesting fact, the film was shot during winter and much of the cast was kept constantly wet, which I imagine was tough, but you’d never know it. That’s dedication.


One of my favorite parts of Deep Blue Sea 3 is the fact that it is female-driven. While the three female characters are fighting for survival, they remain realistic. They’re no superheroes, but they are fighters, survivors, and they aren’t taking shit off of those sharks or the bad guys.


As for the men, Emerson Brooks did a great job of capturing the big brother vibe of his character. Nathaniel Buzolic really left you feeling his inner conflict. And Bren Foster nailed his character who is a demented asshole.


While there are moments where the CGI effects are noticeable, for the most part, the movie looks good, even while underwater. Of course, no real sharks were involved in the filming of the movie. Putting cast in the vicinity of real sharks would be way too dangerous.


Unlike most creature features we get these days the movie has educational moments where the real plight of sea life is discussed. That’s a big plus in my book. I love that it raises awareness and does so in a matter that blends perfectly in the film. So, thank you to director John Pogue and writer Dirk Blackman for that.


Deep Blue Sea 3 has something for everyone, pulse-pounding action, gore, an interesting story, and two great messages: one, don’t mess with mother nature and two we need to save the sharks in real-life.


Deep Blue Sea 3 is a fun flick that will pull you in and keep you hooked. I’m giving the film a 5 out of 5. I almost had to deduct a point because of a couple of bad CGI moments, but the fact that it’s not just some dumb, cheesy horror movie, and has a real message redeemed it.


It swims on to Blu-ray Combo Pack and on DVD on August 25, 2020. If you just can’t wait that long, you can rent or buy it now on VUDU.



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I want to get real for a second, so bear with me. Over the past decade, there has been a decline of 92%  in certain shark species. That’s a huge number. The reasons, pollution, overfishing, global warming and the biggest problem, the fin trade. Sharks are key in keeping the balance of marine life in check and if we don’t do something soon, we may see entire species go extinct. There’s also a trickle-down effect. When apex predators decline other species begin to take over. Here’s an example, populations of smaller sharks and rays are increasing in numbers. They feast on smaller sea life including those that have commercial value like fish, scallops, and clams, decimating those populations.


Never heard of the shark fin trade? Here’s what you need to know: each year between 1.3 and 2.7 million sharks are killed for their fins. Fisherman cut off their fins and toss the bloody and injured sharks back into the water to sink down to the bottom of the ocean where they drown, all so people can eat shark fin soup and use the fins for herbal medicine. Horrifying isn’t it? Want to help? Here’s a list of the top five shark charities. You can also do your part by sharing real information about the plight of sharks and their importance.  Recycling, eating farm-raised fish, and signing petitions (like this one) to ban the shark fin trade make a big difference.


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