The Ghosts of Christmas Bingo Scratchcard Pays Homage to Horror in Christmas Movies

November 19, 2020

Written by Ella Rebecca Horton

Ella Rebecca has been in love with the horror genre since an early age. The Bride of Frankenstein began her love of the classics and she's been writing and collecting since.


The online bingo industry is doing its utmost to attract as vast a range of players as possible, and one of the most recent ways that sites have done this is through the introduction of scratch cards. These instant win games come in many different themes, and some would definitely appeal to fans of horror. Indeed, a new Christmas horror-themed scratch card serves as a wonderful reminder of the link between horror and the December holiday.


Game Will Appeal to Horror Fans

Horror fans looking for a chance to win instantly online will be delighted to see that among the many scratchcards on the internet there is a spooky Christmas offering. The Ghosts of Christmas Scratchcard is a festive instant win game at Paddy Power that also has a haunting element. It pays homage to the 1843 Charles Dickens novel, A Christmas Carol, but also serves as a tribute to the strong relationship between Christmas and horror themes.



Is Gremlins the Best Christmas Horror?


When thinking of horror films set at Christmas time, Gremlins is one of the standout offerings. The 1984 comedy horror from Joe Dante could have been set at any time of the year, but the decision to make it a Christmas story paid dividends. By bracketing it in this way rather than, say, a Halloween movie, the film was able to gain greater recognition. It avoided getting lost in a long list of horror movies that never gained mainstream attention, such as Leprechaun, Ghoulies, and Troll.


One of the other more famous Christmas horror titles is The Nightmare Before Christmas by Tim Burton. While it does have some ghostly and nightmarish themes, this one could be considered more of dark fantasy. However, it could still appeal to horror fans with its intriguing and entertaining crossover between Halloween and Christmas.

In addition to these, there have been some other, lesser-known horror films set during the December holiday. These include Glen Morgan’s Black Christmas and Michael Dougherty’s Krampus.


What Other Horror Elements Have Appeared in Christmas Films?

Aside from Christmas films that could be considered dedicated to the horror genre, there are plenty of holiday offerings that have horror elements within them. This may all hark back to the ghosts from Dickens’ well-known novel, where the Christmas backdrop somehow made their appearance all the more chilling.

Even some Christmas films that you may not associate with horror at all have some frightening elements to them. Take Home Alone, for example. A boy is left all alone in a huge mansion while two sinister burglars try to break in – that sounds like quite a scary premise when you think about it.

There are plenty of horror-themed gambling games out there, and now options like Ghosts of Christmas Past Scratchcard are emerging with holiday themes as well. Playing these games should inspire horror fans to go on a binge of all the great Christmas horror films.

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