Camille Sullivan Discuses The Survival Horror ‘Hunter Hunter’ In Our Interview

December 17, 2020

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Canadian actress Camille Sullivan who has appeared in series such as “The Man in the High Castle,” “The Disappearance,” and currently “Big Sky”, stars in the horror-thriller, Hunter Hunter, alongside Devon Sawa. Camille was kind enough to do an interview with us about her role in this intense film. Check it out!


In writer-director Shawn Linden’s Hunter Hunter, which we call “a horror thriller done right.” in our review, centers on Joseph (Sawa), his wife Anne (Sullivan), and their daughter who live in the remote wilderness as fur trappers. Their tranquility is threatened when they think they are being hunted by the return of a rogue wolf, not knowing that a more deadly killer is lurking in their own backyard.





Horror Fuel: “I want to talk about your new movie Hunter Hunter, but first I’d like to ask you about your role in The Disappearance. Tell us about it?”


Camille Sullivan: “The Disappearance was a really suspenseful limited series that I did for CTV in Canada, starring Peter Coyote, Aden Young, and Joanne Kelly. In the series, my son goes missing and our family leaves no stone unturned to find him, revealing long-kept and dangerous family secrets.”


Horror Fuel: “I am definitely going to have to check it out. Where can our writers watch it?”


Camille Sullivan: “Where to watch it now, I’m not sure. NBC Universal released it in the US but that was a few years ago.”


Horror Fuel: “You also star in the hit series The Man in the High Castle. What was it like filming that with all of the Nazi aspects of the story?



Camille Sullivan: ” It was always jarring to see the Nazi paraphernalia when I was working on The Man In the High Castle. I know they were very careful to dispose of it after.  It was such an interesting and terrifying premise. A good reminder never to stop fighting for everyone’s equality and human rights.”


Horror Fuel: “I imagine it was strange, seeing an alternative world. You are very right, we can’t ever stop fighting.


Now, let’s talk about Hunter Hunter which will be out this week. That movie is so intense. Your character Anne experiences a lot of different emotions. Where did you draw from?



Camille Sullivan: “Anne’s journey was a very dark one. But it all comes from a place of love. She is a woman who finds the strength to do what needs doing. And at every turn, for her, the goalposts change. So she has to keep reinventing herself to meet the new circumstances.  And in the process, she ends up in a very dark place. I thought a lot about the idea, loosely quoting, “that when you start into the abyss, the abyss also stares back into you.”



Horror Fuel:  “I understand exactly what you are saying. She’s so strong. We don’t get enough of those types of roles for women.


During the scene with the wolf were you actually that close to it? It’s gorgeous but I would think it would be dangerous.


Camille Sullivan: “The wolf was shot separately in Alberta and I shot with a green screen. So, unfortunately, I never got to meet her (or him), but apparently, she was a cutie.”


Horror Fuel: “It’s stunning. In the film, the family’s home is so remote. Where did it film?”


Camille Sullivan: “We filmed just outside Winnipeg Manitoba, in two national parks. One was quite remote and we stayed in cabins up there. That was fantastic for getting into the feel of the movie environment. It was also stunningly beautiful. The cabin was a real one, that they fixed up for the movie a bit, I believe. I’m not totally sure.”


Horror Fuel: “Do you think you could live a life like Anne and her family leads?”


Camille Sullivan: “I wouldn’t last a day living the life they lead. I was raised in the city and my family didn’t go camping. This was a brand new experience for me. Left alone in the woods, I’d be in big trouble.”


Horror Fuel: “I could if I had to but there is no way I would want to. I think you would last longer than you believe you would.”


Camille Sullivan: “I could survive without a flushing toilet but there is no way I would want to.”


Horror Fuel: “I hear that [laughter].

The effects are great. And I appreciate that they were used sparingly. Did they creep you out? Because I’ll be honest, those bodies look pretty real.”


Camille Sullivan: “I thought the effects looked great too. I didn’t see too much of it during filming, so I was really pleased to see how good it all looks. Yeah, the shot of the bodies was chilling.”


Horror Fuel: “When you were first reading the script, what was your first response when you got to the ending. I never saw it coming! That’s a big thing for me.”


Camille Sullivan: “My jaw dropped when I read the ending. I couldn’t believe it. I thought, are we really gonna do this?  It was crazy and great and unexpected and I was super excited to shoot it.” 


Horror Fuel: “I was so surprised and I thought it was a great choice.”


Camille Sullivan: “I was so surprised by some of the humor in the movie, it’s not tons obviously, but there are a few light-hearted moments involving the neighbors and community that I thought were really well done.  Necessary lightness in the dark. Hunter Hunter is a slow burn with a jaw-dropping ending that will leave you floored.”


Horror Fuel: “It is great to have those little hints of levity. If you had to sum up Hunter Hunter in one sentence, what would you say?”


Camille Sullivan: “Hunter Hunter is a slow burn with a jaw-dropping ending that will leave you floored.”


Horror Fuel: “I think that’s very accurate.



You also are currently starring in the series Big Sky, what’s it about?”


Camille Sullivan: “It’s just a recurring role on Big Sky, to be clear. I play Grace and Danielle’s mother, two girls who are kidnapped while on a road trip.  It’s a cool series, with a fantastic cast. I have been watching it purely as a fan.”




Horror Fuel: “I like those types of series. I see that it is on ABC and streaming on Prime. I’m adding to my watch list as we speak.


I can’t help but notice that you’ve played the role of a mother who has lost their children several times. Is that a coincidence? It’s a good type of role for you. You make the characters feel real.”


Camille Sullivan: ” I do seem to play that a lot. I think that role exists a lot. It’s a pretty common theme. And a challenge that I enjoy as an actor playing the defenselessness of someone in that situation. We want to be a mama bear and protect our children, but when we don’t know where they are, we are helpless to do that. It’s a dark place but interesting and motivated purely by love.”


Horror Fuel: “It takes a special talent to capture those roles properly. You’ve got it nailed.”


Hunter Hunter arrives on Digital and On Demand on December 18, 2020, from IFC Midnight. It’s a dark, thrill ride that you don’t want to miss! Also, be sure to give Camille Sullivan a follow on Instagram to stay up to date on what she’s working on.

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