‘Remains’ Is A Post-Apocalyptic Horror Movie for Gambling Fans

January 21, 2021

Written by Ella Rebecca Horton

Ella Rebecca has been in love with the horror genre since an early age. The Bride of Frankenstein began her love of the classics and she's been writing and collecting since.
If you are someone that loves to go to the casino and gamble, you may be looking for suitable horror movies. Well, we have definitely found one that you will like. If you are also a fan of post-apocalyptic films, this is going to be one for you. We are talking about Remains, which is also referred to as Steve Niles’ Remains. Indeed, it is a 2011 movie that is based on the novel created by Steve Niles. It is a classic zombie horror movie that takes place in a Reno casino.
The Movie begins with an accidental nuclear explosion. This happens after there is a celebration of worldwide peace and the
consequences are catastrophic. In particular, the effects of this disaster are that people turn into zombies that want to eat human flesh. The story surrounds a group of people that survive and they seek safety within a casino based in Reno, Nevada. They have some supplies and there is the belief that help is going to be on its
Of course, the survivors run into a lot of zombies within the casino. They fight to stay alive and figure out what is going on and why this is happening. Outside, there are thousands of zombies that are getting stronger and smarter as time goes on. In order to stay alive, the survivors make the most of the casino surroundings. This includes playing cards and drinking, as well as smoking to pass the time and have some fun. This movie might make you scared to go to the casino anytime soon! Perhaps playing Unibet online slots will be a better option so that you do not have to constantly look over your shoulder for the zombie guys while you play.
The reception of this movie has been mixed. While some people treat it as a fun zombie movie since they like horrors, there are others that were not impressed. Remains is around 88 minutes long and it is certainly not a movie to take seriously. The storyline is not too deep but it can be a fun way to enjoy zombies and imagine this type of scenario in real life. There are some viewers that compared this movie to Dawn of the Dead but it is set in a casino. So, if you are a
fan of this movie, perhaps you can compare them and give your own rating on the movie.
It has to be said that it is difficult to find great zombie movies. They are quite rare and none can quite match up to The Walking Dead and the stories produced on that television show. But Remains can be a fun movie that you watch if you like gambling and want to explore a post-apocalyptic world in a casino setting. If you are a fan of the book by Steve Niles, it will be interesting to hear your opinion on how this movie brought it to life

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