Tourists Reported Missing At Infamous Dyatlov Pass

February 15, 2021

Written by Capt McNeely

Georgia Division ZADF Twitter: @ZADF_ORG

It was reported on February 10th that eight tourists from Moscow have failed to return from their visit to the infamous Dyatlov Pass a part of the Ural Mountain region. The tourists were said to have gone to the region to pay their respects to the group of nine college students who died under mysterious circumstances in February 1959 that sparked many theories as to what caused their deaths.

The last photograph was taken showing the mountaineers digging where they would put their tent for the night.

The vanishing of the tourists comes a month after scientists believed to have solved the mystery and concluded that the students and experienced hikers were victims of a slab avalanche that was caused by the students cutting into the snow on a side of a hill that eventually, due to winds and snowfall, gave way and slid onto the tent catching the students by surprise and causing (internal) trauma to some of them that eventually proved fatal, and causing them to become stranded in freezing temperatures that ultimately took their lives.
Dyatlov Pass: Eight tourists go missing in Russia where ...
Back to the present, The Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Sverdlovsk Region has stated that three groups were registered to travel through the region recently and all three have been in contact. The Ministry has also stated that no missing person’s reports have been filed. It will remain to be seen if this is an elaborate hoax or an ominous repeat of history.

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