Ashley Flowers Hosting New True-Crime Podcast ‘International Infamy’

June 17, 2021

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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The gripping first episode of Spotify’s latest Original true-crime podcast from Parcast, International Infamy, hosted by Ashley Flowers is available now across the US, Mexico, and Brazil.


In International Infamy, Ashley explores international cases for the first time, breaking down interesting and high-profile crimes from a foreign country in each episode, while sharing the twists and turns of the case and also exploring the cultural details that make the stories unique. Ashley has demonstrated her ability to tap into the mystery and history genres with her existing Parcast podcasts (SupernaturalVery Presidential), and in this new show, she continues her passion for true crime but with an international twist.


The series premiere examines one of the most unique serial killers of all time: professional Lucha libre wrestler Juana Barraza who killed nearly 50 elderly women in Mexico during the late 90s and early 2000s. Despite being a minor celebrity in her town, Juana was able to gain access to her victims’ homes by disguising herself as a social worker and covertly carrying out the murders. Ashley Flowers tells the twisted backstory behind Juana’s crimes and expertly explores the nuances of gender bias in murder investigations that allowed Mexico’s “Little Old Lady Killer” to walk free — and continue her murder spree — for nearly a decade.


Listen: HERE

  • Episode Title: MEXICO: The Little Old Lady Killer
  • Description: A former luchador disguises herself as a social worker and breaks into the homes of elderly women in Mexico City. From the late ‘90s to 2006, Juana Barraza strangled sixteen victims — but that number might actually be in the forties.

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