OITNB’s Taryn Manning Playing A “Karen” In New Social Horror-Thriller (Trailer)

June 21, 2021

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

Kelli Marchman McNeely - Horror Fuel CEO & Executive Producer Email: [email protected]

The name Karen has become synonymous with petty, bitchy, often racist, behavior. Director Coke Daniels’ new socially relevant horror-thriller Karen, is capitalizing on that. The newly released trailer is here and it reminds us that evil comes in many forms.
Already completed, the film centers on “Karen Drexler (Manning), a racist white woman who makes it her personal mission to displace the new Black family that has just moved in next door to her. Community activist Malik (Cory Hardrict) and his wife Imani (Jasmine Burke) are the couple who have just moved to the Atlanta suburb, but they won’t be backing down without a fight.”
Roger Dorman and Gregory Alan Williams co-star

“Last year during the global pandemic and civil unrest, I — like many of us — felt anger, despair and hopelessness. The overwhelming amount of support from people around the globe, who want to see change, has been such an inspiration,” Daniels told Deadline.

Manning added, “I felt a social responsibility to take on this role. Even if I had to play the villain to affect change around the globe, then I was more than willing to step into the role. What’s been going on is devastating. It’s time for change and for me to be a part of the bigger picture, meant a lot to me.”
Mary Aloe (Bruised) and Craig Chapman (Honest Thief) produce along with Gillian Hormel, Autumn Bailey-Ford, Manning, and Hardrict, as well as Daniel’s Flixville USA, and Aloe’s Aloe Entertainment in association with Hormel’s Ludascripts, the Peanut Gallery Group, Bondit Media Capital, BET and Burke Management. Executive producers include Vanzil and Victor Burke and Anik Decoste.

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