Ancient Egypt is Booming in the Online Casino Industry – It’s The Perfect Time for a New Horror Film Based on the Period

September 15, 2021

Written by Ella Rebecca Horton

Ella Rebecca has been in love with the horror genre since an early age. The Bride of Frankenstein began her love of the classics and she's been writing and collecting since.
There have been countless films set in ancient Egypt over the years, and one of the best of all time was in the horror genre. Karl Freund’s The Mummy in 1932 is considered a classic of the genre, but there haven’t been a great many other frightening flicks set in Egypt in the years since.
With Egypt now being a popular theme in other areas of entertainment, such as the online casino industry, it could be the perfect time for horror directors to revisit the period and come up with a new offering.
Ancient Egypt Could be the Number One Slot Theme
In the world of slots, one of the striking things is the abundance of choice when it comes to genres. Players can choose between games bases on sports, films, or television shows. There are also numerous offerings that borrow themes from ancient cultures. One theme that always seems to be a hit is that of ancient Egypt, highlighting how players simply can’t get enough of the fascinating civilization of old.
One of the top games on the market that has been loved by players for some time is the
Cleopatra slot. This offering from IGT stands out because of its striking use of Egyptian
imagery, with the well-known ruler front and center. There are also symbols that feature
some of the classic gods from the era and, of course, the world-famous hieroglyphics.
Mummy Adaptations Have Focused on ActionHorror fans have been fairly dismayed by the adaptations of The Mummy. Although the 1999 Stephen Sommers offering with Brendan Fraser was well received, its focus was on the action and adventure side of things. There were a few spine-chilling moments, but they were not enough to unsettle seasoned fans of the genre. 
The most recent version of The Mummy in 2017 was predominately action as well. The Alex Kurtzman title was a complete flop, though, and it may have even served to kill off ancient Egyptian themes in Hollywood for the foreseeable future. If a director was to revisit the classic tale again, the best option would be to frame it as horror. Especially after the latest action version failed.
A Horror Version of Cleopatra Could be a Hit 
One idea for an Egyptian horror that Hollywood studios could pick up would be a terrifying twist on the tale of Cleopatra. There have been more than fifteen films featuring the queen of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt, but not one of them has been a horror. With the legendary ruler’s tomb still undiscovered, a chilling film could focus on its discovery. Perhaps the archaeologists involved are picked off by unseen forces protecting the burial ground.
With the latest installment of The Mummy having a detrimental effect on the Egyptian genre in film, this could be the perfect time for a shift from actions to horrors set there. It’s clear from online casinos that Egypt is still extremely popular, so there should be an audience ready and waiting.

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