Norman Reedus May Be The Next Ghost Rider

December 30, 2021

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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It looks like Marvel may be adding “Walking Dead” star Norman Reedus to its cinematic universe as the new Ghost Rider, a part Reedus has been itching to play.


Reedus fans have been taking to social media platforms demanding that he is the next actor to play the vengeance-seeking character. Mostly aimed at Marvel’s bossman Kevin Feig, the messages have been shared and promoted by Reedus who has expressed his desire to play the part many times. The first reports of Redus’ desires go all the way back to 2017.


I want a fire skull. I want my face to turn into a fire skull and whip a chain around. That would be great.” Reedus says.


Cinematic Hub has reported that now an insider has gone on record saying that Reedus has indeed been cast in the role previously played by Nicolas Cage. However, the news has yet to be confirmed by Marvel.


Like Ghost Rider, Reedus is known for his love of motorcycles, riding one in “The Walking Dead” and having his own motorcycle travel series simply titled “Ride With Norman Reedus”.


There is something else, we can’t help but wonder how Reedus would find time to film a movie while also filming “The Walking Dead” and the upcoming spin-off about Daryl and Carol.


Ghost Rider first appeared back in 1972 in Marvel Spotlight issue #5. The character was created by Marvel Editor and Chief Roy Thomas, writer Gary Friedrich, and artist Mike Ploog. He received his own comic book series in 1973, with Jim Mooney handling the first nine issues. Ghost Rider is the Spirit of Vengence and seeks out to destroy evil. When evil is near the human host transforms into a skeleton with a flaming head and immense power.


The first Marvel Ghost Rider movie was released in 2007. It was directed by Mark Steven Johnson and starred Sam Elliot and Eva Medes along with Nicolas Cage. Cage went on to reprise his role in the 2011 sequel.


Do you think Reedus would be a good fit for the part? Let us know.

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