Horror Collection ‘Dread X Collection 5’ Releases In May

April 13, 2022

Written by Daniel S. Liuzzi

DreadXP has announced the release date for their upcoming anthology of horror games Dread X Collection 5. The anthology is based around the theme of “entertainment”, the collection brings forth 12 delightfully twisted short-form nightmares from the creators of such indie hits as 0°N 0°W, Lakeview Cabin, Sylvio, and The Mortuary Assistant.

Dread X Collection 5 transports players to terrifying locales like haunted nightclubs, dark carnivals, haunted puppet shows, the country Finland in the year 1888, a karaoke bar toilet, and so much more! While all games in the collection are horror-themed, they each have their unique takes on what truly makes a great horror experience. From shotgun-blasting hordes of the undead and escaping a crazed carnival killer, to taking part in a life or death game of ‘find the flowers’, and carrying an egg on a spoon.

Dread X Collection 5 will be coming to PC on May 3rd. To see the whole list of games being featured, click HERE!

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