Product Review: Tarot Del Toro From Insight Editions

June 9, 2022

Written by Daniel S. Liuzzi

When it comes to pop culture memorabilia, it’s hard to find something unique to add to your collection that’s made by just anyone, massed produced, and sold pretty much everywhere. Well, I just discovered Insight Editions, a publisher of both books and collectibles that are known for their cookbooks based on popular shows, movies, and video games. Some of the more unique items they have in stock are Tarot Cards based on movies and shows, the most intriguing being the Tarot del Toro! I want to thank Insight Editions for helping to make this review possible!

As you probably already guessed, the Tarot del Toro is a tarot deck based on the works of Guillermo del Toro. The deck comes with a guidebook on the meaning of all the cards as well as how to read them which is good if you intend to use them. The cards themselves are sturdy and amazingly detailed thanks to the talents of Tomás Hijo who gives the deck’s art a woodcut look.

The cards themselves feature interpretations of the card’s faces based on films by del Toro such as Hellboy, The Devil’s Backbone, Crimson Peak, and others for you to discover! I will say that one of my favorite cards in the deck is The Magician and I have a funny feeling that it would be yours as well once you see it.





Insight Editions were also awesome enough to send over three of their softcover notebooks for me to check out as well! The notebooks have 240 blank pages to write or draw in, an elastic band to help keep them closed, and a placement ribbon. The notebooks feature artwork on the covers as well as on the inside, for example, the notebook featuring Jack’s typewriter from The Shining has an illustrated map of the Overlook Hotel on the inside of the cover, and on each page, in the corners, there’s Danny’s trike and keys to the infamous room 237.

Whether it’s for yourself or for the horror fiend in your life, Insight Editions has quite the collection of both horror and non-horror-related pop-culture memorabilia for any collector along with non-pop collections as well as great quality items that will last on your bookshelf or desk may it be in your movie den, gaming desk, or your own personal library.

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