How to write a good essay about a movie, book or play

July 29, 2022

Written by Ella Rebecca Horton

Ella Rebecca has been in love with the horror genre since an early age. The Bride of Frankenstein began her love of the classics and she's been writing and collecting since.

A review essay is an academic paper that teachers assign to ask students about what they think of a book they have read (a movie/play they have seen) and to check their understanding of the work. This essay is similar to a review. A review is a genre of journalism based on a critical assessment of a cultural object. You can turn to a professional paper writing service like Writingapaper if you have some trouble writing an essay. Service experts have years of experience, so you get qualified help.


Book Review Essay

Most often, teachers are offered to write an essay review about the book they have read. In this case, the main goal is to show that the student has read the work and understands its meaning, as well as to demonstrate his or her attitude towards the characters and their actions. Such an essay is written according to the following plan:


  •  Characteristics of the author of the book and the place of the particular work in his work.
  •  The plot of the book (the main events in 3-5 sentences, do not make too detailed
  •  Personal attitude towards what you have read (this is the main part of the essay on "book
  • Proofs (argumentation of your own opinion: why some characters seemed positive and
    others not. By what actions they demonstrated this).
  •  Conclusion (what the reading of the book teaches, what moral questions the writer raises and
    what answers to them the writer gives).


This review essay outline is universal and will work for books of any genre. Samples and examples of review essays with this structure can easily be found online. If the teacher asks  the essay topic “A review essay about a favorite book,” an additional item in the plan would be an answer to the question “Why do I like this book more than others?”


Essay review of a painting


To develop pupils; and students; aesthetic senses, teachers sometimes suggest writing a review of a work of painting. If you know how to write an essay review on a book, an essay review on a painting won’t cause difficulties either.


Their plans are similar:

  • Brief information about the artist, his style, and the creative period to which the painting
  •  A statement of what the viewer sees in the picture (genre and subject).
  •  Description of the artistic features of the painting (composition, foreshortening, panorama,
    play of light, color and shadow, symbols).
  •  Feelings that the artistic space of the painting evokes.
  •  Conclusion (what the author wanted to reflect and to what extent he succeeded).


Before writing an essay review on the picture, carefully consider all the details of the image.


Film Review Essay


Some modern teachers realize that young people read little and instead of the traditional book review. Therefore, teachers more often ask students to write an essay reviewing a film. Sometimes  you can choose a film yourself, for example, to write about your favorite. Or you can write about a film that you have seen recently and it has made an impression on you. The teacher can also ask you to write about a popular film of many years or a film that is based on a work of fiction. To make it easier to write such an essay, we recommend taking notes while watching the movie. That way you won’t miss any details.


A plan, which it is desirable to adhere to when writing:

  •  Start with a characterization of the director. You can talk about his work.
  •  Talk about how the film is made. Is it based on the book, or did he make it in his way and
    with his details?
  •  It is important to clarify whether the film is similar to the book. Try to tell what the
    differences are from the book. You can even write about the appearance of the characters.
  • Do the actors look like the characters in the book?
  • Don't forget to give your opinion of the movie. Do you like the plot and so on?




Don’t try to write an essay like a professional who writes movie reviews. You should fill the essay with your impressions of what you have seen. Tell me what you liked about the plot and whether you liked how the movie ended.


Essay review of the play

Most often, plays based on classic works of literature are also offered for analysis.


The outline of such an essay:

  •  General information about the play: in which theater it is based on whose work is staged.
  •  The coincidence/differences of the plot of the play from the original book. Characteristics of
    the acting (as the main artistic means of production).
  •  A personal opinion on what has been seen.



As you can see, it is not difficult to write a response essay. We hope our tips have helped you master this type of work as a review essay. But if you still have doubts about writing a good paper, it is worth contacting the essay writing service reddit for help. Its experts know how to write essays on any subject: language and literature, history, and social studies.

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