Product Review: Halloween Neon Sign By Sketch & Etch

October 12, 2022

Written by Daniel S. Liuzzi

Halloween is right around the corner! You see it everywhere, people setting up their displays outside, turning their living rooms into crypts, getting their costumes, stockpiling candy… that’s fine, but what else can you add to your arsenal of all hallows cheer that you already don’t have? I say neon signs! Lucky for you, Sketch & Etch has you covered with their line of Halloween-themed neon lights! I would like to give a big shout-out to the awesome folks at S&E for helping make this review possible!


The neon sign that I got is the try-and-true Jack-o-lantern. With a clear acrylic back and LED Neon tubing, this 15×15 pumpkin puts out a lot of light but with the free dimmer remote that came with it, I can make it as bright as I want, even in daylight the sign glows brightly on its highest setting, still able to draw attention during daylight hours! The sign also came with mounting hardware if I wanted to attach it to a wall, but it’s light enough that I used some mason line string to hang it in a window. In the picture below on the LEFT is the light at half power while on the RIGHT it’s at full.





Included with the sign is a microfiber cloth which is handy for getting rid of your prints from the clear acrylic backing. This may be an odd thing to point out but hey, the box that the sign came in is sturdy enough and well made that when Halloween is over, I can pack the sign away till it’s needed again next year which I find to be a plus.

May it be used during the season, or all year round, this sign is a must-have for your horror film-watching den, haunted house, trunk-or-treat display, or Halloween party, the list of possibilities can go on as it’s a worthwhile investment, and you should really check Halloween neon signs and S&E out as they have other stunning neon signs for any occasion and interest, even ways you can customize your own for yourself, business, or events, you won’t be sorry!


You can check out Sketch & Etch on Facebook as well as on Instagram!


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