How to Avoid Clichés When Writing Horror

November 24, 2022

Written by Ella Rebecca Horton

Ella Rebecca has been in love with the horror genre since an early age. The Bride of Frankenstein began her love of the classics and she's been writing and collecting since.

Horror movies require intense imagination. However, many scriptwriters have ended up repeating the same plot, characters, and narratives. The storyline becomes predictable and boring for horror movie enthusiasts.


Cutting a niche in the horror movie industry requires a strategy. Because there are no limits to horror, it is one of the easiest genres to write on. Here are excellent tips that will transform you into the best horror movie writer by avoiding the obvious plots and characters.


Hire a writing assistant

Movie writing requires a lot of creativity and innovation. You have to think of new scenes, characters, and actions. While you write the script, you are expected to complete other assignments. Avoid the stress related to script writing by hiring a dissertation consultant online.


A writing assistant is an experienced script drafter. He dedicates his time to producing an original and interesting storyline. The helper will allow you to focus on other engagements yet still get the best horror script. Writing services provide the best movie script writers. Check reviews of writing services to determine the most reliable assistant. You may also peruse a few of his samples to help you to pick the most reliable assistant.


Watch enough movies

Clichés are repetitive scenes, characters, and storylines, among other aspects of horror movie writing. The best way to know the common scenes, characters, and storylines is to watch a sufficient number of horror movies. You will notice a pattern in characterization and action in the movies. Endeavor to move away from such scripting. Expose yourself to different categories of horror movies. For instance, watch movies involving kids, couples, aliens, forests, cities, schools, and such settings. It opens your mind to new possibilities once you notice gaps in the storyline.


Take time to write

Rushing through a movie script will only result in an obvious storyline. Dedicate enough time to write your script. Begin writing long before the deadline is set. You have ample time to read books on horror movies, watch enough movies, create your storyline, and edit it for your movie.


Set the best time to write your movie script. Choose a time of day or evening when the mind can focus on writing and creating the most compelling script. Avoid writing when the mind is distracted by an ongoing game or a party that could be happening in your absence. A comfortable desk to write your script will contribute to the quality of your script. It takes time to write a script. Choose a desk that allows you to sit for long hours and think through
the script without straining your back. It will result in an interesting movie script.


Visit unique sites

Visit places that will inspire your imagination. Hike to the depths of the forest where horror movies could be set. Visit abandoned buildings and soak in the environment. You will be more creative and could set the movie in a place that people can recognize. Abandoned sites or places that elicit fear will inspire your imagination. Stay still to observe the environment. Listen to the sounds coming out of such settings. Imagine what the wind could bring or drops of water into the abandoned pool. It creates a picture of such settings that make your story more realistic.


Develop an outline

Write a draft of your horror movie story. Pick characters, scenes, and actions that will anchor your story. The outline gives you a starting point when writing the script. Compare the outline with other movies you may have watched. Check the DissertationTeam blog for times on how to craft a movie outline as well as samples of the best movie outlines. You avoid writing an entire movie only to discover that the storyline or actions within the
movie are similar to others you may have watched. Discuss with a movie enthusiast Discuss your ideas with peers and other movie enthusiasts. You have not watched all the horror movies available. However, combining your knowledge will help the team to identify clichés. Peers and friends will help you to weed out the repetitive aspects of horror movies in your work.


The best horror movies are outrageous. Allow your mind to wander while still remaining within the realms of reality. Take time to write your script to ensure that every scene, character, and action is thoroughly scrutinized. Hire a helper to polish your ideas and produce the most captivating script.

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