‘Evil Dead: The Game’ Teases Ashy Slashy Outfit For GOTY Edition

April 18, 2023

Written by Daniel S. Liuzzi

The Evil Dead: The Game official Twitter yesterday tweeted a teaser as the launch of the Game of the Year Edition of the game is set to drop on the 26th, the teaser shows a new outfit for Ash Williams dubbed the Ashy Slashy Outfit featuring the possessed puppet fans have come to love.




The outfit was inspired by the season two episodes of Ash Vs Evil Dead where Ash falls under demonic influences as the puppet Ashy Slashy, created by Baal, try to break him mentally by convincing him that the events from the very first Evil Dead film was all in his head and that he murdered everyone at the cabin.


The Ashy Slashy outfit will be part of the Game of the Year edition as well as the Who’s Your Daddy bundle.

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