The Horror Classic ‘Tormented’ Will Soon Haunt Blu-ray and DVD


February 9, 2024

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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The chilling supernatural thriller Tormented (1960) rises from the grave in a must-have Blu-ray and DVD collector’s edition this April. This newly restored 4K release, courtesy of Film Masters, breathes new life into director Bert I. Gordon‘s cult classic, ensuring its chilling grip on audiences for generations to come.

A Love That Haunts From Beyond:

Step onto a windswept island off the California coast, where Tom Stewart (Richard Carlson) plans to marry the woman of his dreams. But his past casts a long shadow in the form of Vi (Carol Reding), a scorned ex-girlfriend driven to the edge by his betrayal. A tragic accident at the lighthouse seals her fate, yet her vengeful spirit refuses to rest. Trapped between worlds, Vi torments Tom relentlessly, both day and night, determined to expose his secret and claim him as her own.

A Legacy of Chills:

Beyond the gripping narrative, Tormented boasts the signature style of cult director Bert I. Gordon, known for his innovative special effects and larger-than-life storytelling. This collector’s edition delves deeper into his legacy with a treasure trove of bonus features, including:

  • Unreleased TV pilot of “Famous Ghost Stories” by Gordon: Witness the director’s chilling storytelling firsthand in this unearthed television project.
  • Mystery Science Theater 3000 treatment: Experience the film through the hilarious lens of this beloved cult comedy show.
  • A New documentary on Gordon: Dive into the filmmaker’s career and creative vision in “Bert I. Gordon in the 1950s & 1960s: Bigger Than Life.”
  • Archival interview with Gordon: Hear directly from the maestro of monster movies in this insightful interview.
  • Expert commentary: Gain a deeper appreciation for the film with commentary by renowned film historian Gary Don Rhodes.
  • Visual essay: Explore the film’s themes and social commentary through a captivating visual analysis.
  • Original and restored trailers: Take a trip down memory lane with the film’s original trailer and a new one showcasing the stunning 4K restoration.

Tormented transcends the bounds of the genre, weaving a chilling tale of love, obsession, and the consequences of hidden truths. This release celebrates the film as a horror classic and a piece of cinematic history deserving of preservation and rediscovery.

A Haunting Experience Is Yours:

Don’t miss your chance to own this definitive edition of Tormented on April 23rd. From the stunning 4K restoration to the in-depth bonus features, this release is a must-have for horror fans, film enthusiasts, and anyone seeking a genuinely chilling cinematic experience. Pre-order your copy now.


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