Graphic Novel Series “Hemlock Ave” Set for April Release

March 15, 2024

Written by Joseph Perry

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Author Richard T. Wilson, whose Halloween Girl graphic novel series Horror Fuel reviewed here and here, is back with an expansion of the universe from that series called Hemlock Ave. The new anthology sounds as intriguing as its predecessor. Following is the official press announcement.

With the success of his Award-Winning HALLOWEEN GIRL graphic novel series, author Richard T. Wilson decided to expand that spooky universe with his all-new, horror anthology, HEMLOCK AVE.

Once you’ve arrived, you’ll meet your beautiful hostess, Alma, a 30-something nurse who guides wayward souls to their well-earned rewards. Sometimes assisted by her young, ghostly friend, Charlotte (‘Halloween Girl’), she offers these same lost travelers either second chances – or the dark reckonings they so richly deserve. So, if you find you’ve lost your way in the night and a stunning, raven haired ‘nurse’ extends a hand, well, hang on to your hopes…that it’s only a nightmare.’

Aside from the horror trappings, Wilson admits he’s never written stories so ‘close to the bone’ before…

“During the pandemic, we collectively faced death every day, and I think that woke our souls up in some very dramatic ways. HEMLOCK AVE is very definitely my response to all that.”

Illustrators, Pietro Vaughan and Shahed R. summon the horror and pathos in these four, chilling tales, deftly pulling the reader in with their visual brilliance. “They are both so deeply gifted and so unique – I couldn’t have found a better team to tell these stories!”, Wilson enthuses.

The book is now available for Pre-Order which  includes autographed copies by the author. This exclusive Pre-Order is only available at Mad Shelley Comics and the bk goes wide April 26th, 2024!

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