Anya Taylor-Joy and Chris Hemsworth Clash in New Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga Trailer


March 20, 2024

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Return to the desolate wasteland of the Mad Max universe! Warner Bros. has unleashed the second trailer for Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga, the highly anticipated prequel to the Oscar-nominated Mad Max: Fury Road.

A Journey Before the Fury

This new chapter delves deeper into the backstory of Imperator Furiosa, originally brought to life by Charlize Theron. Anya Taylor-Joy takes the wheel this time, portraying a younger, fierce, and determined Furiosa. The trailer offers glimpses of her younger life, ripped from the idyllic “Green Place of Many Mothers” and thrust into the brutal biker horde led by the Warlord Dementus (Chris Hemsworth).

As Furiosa navigates this ruthless world, she finds herself caught in a power struggle between Dementus and the tyrannical Immortan Joe (Lachy Hulme), the villain audiences encounter in Fury Road.

A Familiar Hand at the Helm

The film reunites us with George Miller, the visionary director of the Mad Max franchise. Miller, also known for his work on films like Three Thousand Years of Longing, brings his unique blend of action and character development to this prequel.

A Rising Star Takes the Lead

Anya Taylor-Joy, who has skyrocketed to fame in recent years with acclaimed performances in The Witch, The Northman, and The Menu, is poised to deliver a powerful portrayal of a young warrior on a mission. She is joined by Hemsworth, Nathan Jones, Charlee Fraser, and Tom Burke, among others.

A Legacy Continues

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga marks the fifth film in the Mad Max franchise, which began with the 1979 film. This prequel promises to expand the universe. It offers a thrilling origin story for one of cinema’s most unforgettable characters.

The film races into theaters on May 24, 2024, from Warner Bros. With the release of this new trailer, anticipation is at a fever pitch for fans eager to witness Furiosa’s journey before the fury.


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