Music Supervisor Ed Gerrard Reflects on His Career, Scream, and More in Our Interview

Ed Gerrard

April 3, 2024

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Without music, TV and movies would not be the same. Scores and songs affect everything from viewers’ emotions, add nostalgia, and set the scene. Scream, one of the most beloved horror films ever made, still holds influence, even after nearly three decades. Thanks to Grammy and Peabody award-winning Music Supervisor Ed Gerrard, its soundtrack still evokes chills.

After serving as Alice Cooper’s manager in the 80s, Gerrard turned to the film industry. His first film as a Music Supervisor was the cult classic Shocker. Gerrard has since worked with directors such as Wes Craven, whom he teamed up with on over ten films, including the iconic Scream franchise and Craven’s New Nightmare. He also worked on H2O, Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2, and The Last House on the Left (2009). The list goes on; he has left a significant impact on both music and film.

I sat down with Ed Gerrard for an interview. He takes us through his long-running career and legacy. Listen as he recounts his work with Craven, recent projects such as the recently released film Gospel, and much more.

Let me fill you in if you’re unsure what role a Music Supervisor plays in the film/TV industry. Music Supervisors are the hidden matchmakers of the entertainment industry, bringing music and visual media together. The Guild of Music Supervisors defines them as “qualified professionals who oversee all music-related aspects of film, television, advertising, video games, and other media platforms.”  They collaborate with directors, writers, and producers to curate the perfect soundtrack, selecting existing songs or collaborating with composers to create original scores. They don’t just pick tunes; they ensure the music enhances the emotional impact of each scene, playing an integral role in production.

Here’s what Ed had to say about his career and more.


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