Imaginary Interview: Actor Dane DiLiegro

Dane DiLiegro Imaginary movie

May 7, 2024

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Pro basketball player turned actor Dane DiLiegro and I sat down to talk about his projects, including his role as the Predator in Prey and his recent role as Chauncey in the horror film Imaginary. But I’m not talking about the cute little antique bear but the giant, nightmare-inducing monster bear with long claws and big teeth. We discussed the technical aspects of what it takes to become a monster,  as well as filming. And he showed us something really cool.

Dane, who loves acting, stands at an impressive six feet eight inches, making him ideal for roles like the Predator and monster Chauncey. But his talent does not end there. He also excels in human roles and will star in the upcoming Kate Hudson series and Star Wars: Skeleton Crew. The man can do it all.

So what’s the movie about? In Imaginary, Jessica (DeWanda Wise) returns to her childhood home with her family. But her young stepdaughter, Alice (Pyper Braun), unearths a hidden treasure in the basement—a dusty teddy bear named Chauncey. What starts as harmless playtime quickly turns for the worse as Alice becomes increasingly fixated on her new “friend.” Their playful interactions become progressively disturbing, escalating in intensity and revealing a darkness lurking beneath the surface. As Alice’s behavior becomes increasingly erratic and dangerous, Jessica becomes alarmed. The horror unfolds as she discovers the horrifying truth: Chauncey is no ordinary toy. This seemingly cuddly companion is possessed by an evil entity, blurring the lines between play and possession terrifyingly.

In addition to the exclusive interview, we have a featurette that takes viewers behind the scenes and shows how monster Chauncey is brought to life.

Watch Imaginary on VOD and Demand on May 7, 2024, and get your copy on Blu-ray or DVD on May 14. Follow Dane on Instagram to stay updated on his projects and more.



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