Review: GUNNAR Optics new Clear Pro Lens

May 18, 2024

Written by Daniel S. Liuzzi

GUNNA Optics is the leading company making glasses for people who spend lots of time looking at screens with clients ranging from your average Joe with a laptop, and military personnel, to animation studios. It was the latter, Dreamworks to be precise, who asked for a change. GUNNAR glasses have a yellow tint to them that blocks out blue spectrum light which can cause eye fatigue, this yellow tint affects how colors look which is not good for members of Dreamworks’ Gold Team who have to go through every frame of an animated project to find any imperfections before release, this includes color palats.

Ten years later, research has paid off, and GUNNAR has now developed the Clear Pro Lens. The lenses still block harmful blue light from screens, but won’t change how colors look! I want to thank GUNNAR for sending over a couple of their new glasses (Arbor Collection with Cear Pro Lens) for me to check out!

Comparing the Clear Pro Lens to the lens of recently reviewed glasses I will confirm, that there is a noticeable difference when looking through the two lenses. Though there is still a light amber tint to the Clear Pro, colors remain the same! The frames of the Arobor Collection are amazing, especially if you like nature and its beauty. The frames are made from sustainably-forested ebony with a carbon fiber layer sandwiched between the wood for stability. The frames are comfortable and won’t irritate the skin promoting hours of comfortable wear.

If you want to get your pair of Arbor glasses, you can find them at GUNNAR’s store, or if you wish to get glasses with Clear Pro Lenses (at the moment they only come in the Arbor models at this time) Here.

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