GUNNAR Optics and Amazon team up to bring fans ‘Fallout’ Vault 33 Gaming Glasses

March 26, 2024

Written by Daniel S. Liuzzi

Vault Dwellers, power up your Pip-boy, get yourself a cold glass of Nuka Cola, and put on your Vault 33 Glasses from GUNNAR Optics! That’s right, GUNNAR and Amazon have teamed up in preparation for Amazon’s upcoming series Fallout, based on the hit game series of the same name that’s set to premiere on Prime Video on April 11th. I want to thank GUNNAR and Amazon for sending me a pair of the Vault 33 Glasses to try out!

These glasses are awesome! With the retro look that appears to have come right from one of the Vaults from the game, or in this case, it bears the mark of Vault 33 (the Vault the Amazon Series protagonist is from). The glasses fit comfortably, and like the Year of the Dragon pair I was sent before, the lens is amber but you can choose between clear, amber, or sunglasses.





These gaming glasses help block out the blue light spectrum which can cause eye strain and prolonged screen time can cause discomfort. So these glasses will help you game a little longer OR sit in front of monitors at your workstation in style.

In addition to the glasses, you will receive a carrying pouch featuring everyone’s favorite corporate mascot from Vault-Tech, Vault Boy. A cleaning cloth, and my favorite, the metal carrying case with Vault-Tech’s slogan written on the inside of the lid.

The Vault 33 glasses are a perfect gift for the Fallout fan in your life or for yourself as something to help you face the unknown horrors of the post-nuked wasteland. The glasses are available now for Pre-order on Amazon and will launch on April 3rd. You can also check out some of the other gaming glasses GUNNAR has to offer on their website.

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