It’s Skarsgård Vs. Skarsgård in the New ‘What Remains’ Trailer

What remains 2024

May 30, 2024

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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From writer-director Ran Huang comes What Remains, a chilling new psychological thriller whose new trailer teases an exploration into the dark recesses of human obsession and the pursuit of truth.

What Remains boasts an impressive cast featuring Gustaf Skarsgård (“Vikings”), Stellan Skarsgård (Dune: Part Two), father of the famous brothers, and Andrea Riseborough (“To Leslie”).

The story unfolds within the confines of a 1990s Scandinavian psychiatric hospital. Mads Lake, a man labeled a serial killer, languishes after confessing to multiple murders. However, the narrative goes beyond a simple confession. Enter therapist Anna Rudebeck and policeman Soren Rank – two figures drawn into a complex web of manipulation and doubt.

The three become locked in an uneasy triumvirate, each driven by a fervent desire to unearth the truth. As they delve deeper, the lines between obsession and sanity begin to blur. The case threatens to consume them all, raising the chilling question: will their pursuit of truth destroy them in the process?

What Remains is inspired by true events, adding a layer of unsettling realism to the narrative. With its stellar cast and exploration of the human psyche in the face of darkness, this film promises a thrilling cinematic experience. Staying with you long after the credits roll. What Remains opens in theatres and will be arriving on demand on June 21, 2024.


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