Tina Romero Continues Her Father’s Legacy with ‘Queens of the Dead’

Tina Romero

June 20, 2024

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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theThe king of the flesh-eaters, George A. Romero, may be gone, but his legacy lives on. His daughter, Tina Romero, is ready to unleash a new wave of terror with Queens of the Dead.

Fangoria Magazine recently scored an exclusive interview with Tina Romero, where she unveiled the film’s unique premise. Set within the confines of a Brooklyn warehouse party, the story unfolds during the initial outbreak of a zombie apocalypse. A desperate party promoter, facing a dropped headliner, calls upon a retired drag queen to salvage the night. Little do they know, this will be a night of many literal and metaphorical resurrections.

Trapped within the club, a motley crew of characters must decide their fate: escape the undead horde or fortify their position. Tina emphasizes that Queens of the Dead focuses on unlikely heroes discovering their inner strength to survive.

George Romero’s iconic films often explore social issues through a horror lens, and Tina promises to carry that torch. She acknowledges her responsibility to her father’s legacy while injecting her voice and perspective. This fresh approach promises a film that honors the Romero name while offering a modern twist.

Queens of the Dead promises to be a thrilling ride. Tina describes it as a “conga line through the zombie apocalypse,” packed with laughs, scares, gruesome kills, and a cast of unforgettable characters. This unapologetically queer “zom-com” ditches firearms in favor of creative eliminations, ensuring a fresh take on the zombie genre.

While a release date remains under wraps, filming begins this summer with a targeted 2025 debut. Get ready to experience a new chapter in the Romero legacy, where drag queens reign supreme, and laughter cuts through the screams.

Want more Romero? Award-winning writer Daniel Kraus has just announced that he has completed the Romeo novel Pay the Pyper, which was left unfinished when Romero passed away.


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