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When Filmmakers Strike Back

Keyboard Warriors A bane of social media is the “Inspirational Tweeter.” This is the person whose life is going so well, they feel the need to tell you how you too can find the happiness they have. They’re a digital Hallmark Card, the cyber chicken soup for the soul. It’s amazing how much annoyance can […]

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Beware, The Werewolf is ‘Uncaged’ In This Indie Thriller

  Image Entertainment has acquired the rights to ‘Uncaged’, the indie film from first time director Daniel Robbins. The werewolf film, which was shot in New York, stars Gene Jones, who stared in ‘The Sacrament’ and ‘No Country for Old Men’. The film follows a young man (Ben Getz) who, after waking up several times […]

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A Paranormal Team Must Face What’s ‘In the Dark’

Grad student Veronica Carpenter (Lynn Justinger), looking for information for her thesis paper, interviews world renowned paranormal investigator Dr. Lois Kearne (Fiona Horrigan). Veronica joins Dr. Kearne on a field study at the home of a Brooklyn family plagued by paranormal activity. Once at the home the the investigators are faced with a barrage of […]

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Ashley Benson Stars In The Horror Thriller ‘Ratter’

Sony Pictures has picked up the right to Branden Kramer’s first full length film, titled ‘Ratter’. The film is based on the short film ‘Webcam’. The thriller premiered at this years Slamdance Film Festival and is still making it’s rounds at other festivals.   ‘Ratter’ stars ‘Pretty Little Liars’ actress Ashley Benson, along with Matt […]

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A First Look At The Indie Zombie Film ‘State Of Desolation’

‘State of Desolation’, written and directed by Jim Towns, follows two survivors, a mercenary and a pampered woman, as they try to survive the apocalypse. Not only do the two have to face other survivors, but also legions of the undead. This apocalyptic zombie thriller stars Jamie Bernadette, Craig Stark, Dominique Swain, Sadie Katz, Jessica […]

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Movie Review: The Horror (2015)

‘The Horror’ was written by Sarah Carman and Raymond Creamer, with Jerry J. White III serving as director. The movie stars ┬áSchell M. Peterson (The Road To Hell), Lexi Moeller (Underneath), Callie Ott (An American in Venice), ┬áRaymond Creamer (Cats Dancing on Jupiter), Chris Oliver and Gary Crites. Ellie Cecala and Cory Coleman make their […]

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Jason Miller’s Indie Horror Thriller ‘Bloodhound’

    Jason R. Miller, known for producing ‘Frozen’ and ‘Hatchet II’, is now filming his latest project, ‘Bloodhound’, which he both wrote and is directing. ‘Bloodhound’ is the neo-noir style follow up to his 2013 film ‘Unidentified’, which was his directorial debut. This indie horror-thriller stars ‘Hatchet II’ actor Miles Dougal (‘The Change-Up’, ‘Frozen’), […]

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The Award Winning Indie Horror Film ‘Berkshire County’

Audrey Cummings’ ‘Berkshire County’ has been picking up awards at Horror Film Festivals left and right, including at Shriekfest. Where it won Best Feature’Cummings is the first woman to win Shriekfest’s Best Feature Award.   Director, Producer Audrey Cummings   ‘Berkshire County’ follows the story of Kylie (Alysa King), a girl who is manipulated into […]

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