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Movie Review: The Spiritualist Won’t Conjure Up Much Spirited Fun.

  Poor Laura; her nights are filled with a real plastic hassle of screaming, unending terror…night terrors to be precise (this probably not helped by the fact she lives in a creepy-as-balls mansion). Any ol’ way, L-Dawg is also dealing with the recent death of her mother who was nuttier than a goddamned fruit cake. […]

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St. Augustine Lighthouse 1

Haunted Destinations: St. Augustine, FL

We’re continuing our northward tour of haunted locations throughout America. We started in Key West, FL and now we’re visiting St. Augustine. St. Augustine is the oldest city in the United States, so it’s not really surprising that by most accounts it’s also among the top 3 most haunted cities in the U.S., too. Savannah, […]

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Ocean Key Resort

Haunted Destinations: Key West, Florida

If you’re like me, vacation planning usually involves researching at least one ghost tour wherever I happen to be taking the family on that particular trip. The great news for horror fans is that there is certainly no shortage of tours out there in virtually every destination you’d want to visit. I thought it might […]

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“The Antithesis” Finishes FIlming

Francesco Mirabelli’s Italian horror ghost story film “The Antithesis” has finished shooting.  Filmed in Italy and shot in a “Giallo” style, the film is officially in post production. Newly released pictures of the film show an inspiration of legendary horror directors such as Fulci, Lynch, Bava, Argento and John Carpenter. There is much anticipation for […]

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Amityville Horrible

The only fact about any of the Amityville Horror films is that the DeFeo family was murdered in their sleep inside the house on 112 Ocean Avenue. The real horror is what the surviving relatives of the murdered Defeo’s must endure every time one of these lousy films is made. Hollywood cynicism goes beyond making […]

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Spectre Show by Shaun Avery & David Broughton

  Spectre Show #1 is an interesting independent comic that I found out about when speaking with the comic’s writer, Shaun Avery about the horror anthology project I’m currently working on. The description of the comic provided on the Comicsy website, when combined with the cover, piqued my interest. Fortunately, he and artist/letterist/cover artist David Broughton […]

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