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Crowdfunding Cynema

  There are crowdfunding sites for films, projects, medical issues, video games, bankruptcy, personal hardships and well…one for making potato salad. What does Cynema have to do with crowdfunding? After all, it’s about people pursuing their dreams, correct? Maybe. Some of that is legit. I am focusing on the film projects. Thousands of folks out […]

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American Revenant: Short Film Trailer Release

American Revenant, the book series I seem to always be talking about, is about to hit the big screen. The American Revenant: Short Film is one of many independent releases that we’re looking forward to. – If this trailer is any indication of the quality, it’s a short that I won’t want to miss! Mmm, […]

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Get Ready To NOCT Your Socks Off

Ever wanted a 2D top-down online multiplayer survival horror? Well, your wish has come true with Noct. Highly stylized and reminiscent of games like Alien Swarm or Hotline Miami, Noct pits you against a dark force, known as Nocturnal, that has wiped out most of human civilization and turned the Earth into a desolate wasteland devoured by […]

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“Women in Horror Spotlight” Lou Simon

Today’s Women in Horror Month Spotlight goes to horror writer, director, and producer Lou Simon. She is described as being a “triple threat” in the indie film community, and has written/produced/directed several feature films. (Oh, and did we mention her production company?) She has three completed films under her belt (The Awakened, HazMat, & Agoraphobia) […]

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