Steven Lanthripp’s Short Film ‘The Last Dinner’

February 27, 2015

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Writer, actor, director Steven Landthripp has a cool Indie short film to share with the world titled ‘The Last Dinner’. You may not realize it, but odds are you have seen Steven Lanthripp on TV or in a movie He has been in many titles, including shows like: ‘Workaholics’, ‘Arrested Development’,  ‘Parks and Recreations’  and in movies such as ‘Finders Keepers’, ‘Sex Tape’, and ‘Human Centipede 3’ . This isn’t the first movie he’s made, he’s been making indie horror movies for many years.

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‘The Last Dinner’ has a unique, dark story line and a nice plot twist. Tina (Karina Noelle) is patiently waiting for her boyfriend, Johnathan (Daniel Lupa-Chazan), to arrive home for dinner. What seems at first, to be a couple’s spat, is much more. Soon Johnathan introduces Tina to the other woman, Emily (RuthAnn Thompson).

The actors in ‘The Last Dinner’ did a great job. Karina Noelle (Tina) was very convincing in her role, and Daniel Lupa-Chazan really made his character come across as unhinged and RuthAnn Thompson played her role as a kidnap victim very well. I enjoyed ‘The Last Dinner’, I think you will too.

The link below is for the full length short film. Enjoy!

‘The Last Dinner’ FaceBook Page:



‘The Last Dinner’

Kevin Boot ……camera operator and lighting
Chris Campbell……sound
Angie Armes……make up
Natasha Spickenreuther……camera assitant and production assistant
Kelsey Harmon….preproduction assistant

Marc Jones…Editor and sound editing
Jeremy Briggs…..Karina’s Noelle’s post voice over recording
Shannon Hurley…

last dinner

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