‘Mr. BeeBee’ Is Not Your Friend

March 28, 2015

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

Kelli Marchman McNeely - Horror Fuel CEO & Executive Producer Email: [email protected]

bee 1

A rash of disappearances has a town scared to death. The local Sheriff has noticed that all of the children that have disappeared have something in common, they all have an imaginary friend. The Sheriff discovers a strange coincidence, each imaginary friend has the same name, Mr. BeeBee. Mr. BeeBee may be very real after all.

Mr. BeeBee will be in the hands of writer/director Shannon Shea. Shea is multitalented and has served as a makeup and special FX artist for films such as ‘Splice’ (2009),  ‘The Unborn’ (2009) and ‘The Hills Have Eyes’ (2006) and the iconic 1987 movie ‘Predator’. He also served as a producer for ‘Scream At the Devil’ (2014). It’s been said that the cast will include Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters), David Arquette (Scream), Penelope Ann Miller (The Messengers), Tatyana Ali (Kiss The Girls) and Tilky Jones (Never Back Down).

‘Mr. BeeBee’ will be out later this year.


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