Women in Horror Spotlight: Justina Walford

April 29, 2015

Written by Fox Emm

Fox is a freelance writer and editor whose work can be found on several sites (bloggingonward.com, gorestruly.com, wickedhorror.com, and this one!) She's a movie, comic, book, and tech reviewer and overall horror fiend. Pet enthusiast. X-files fan. Small sentence writer. Her multi-author horror anthology is out on Amazon: https://getbook.at/badneighborhoodpaperback

A candid shot stolen from her Twitter; @JustinaWalford

This week’s Women in Horror spotlight was selected, I confess, due to the fact that her wonderful new horror flick The Ladies of the House is out on VOD this week. (May 1st to be exact; mark it on your calendars!) She and her husband John Stuart Wildman are the writing team/creative whirlwind that is responsible for bringing the horror genre a story about rockabilly cannibal strippers. (Yes, you read right! Rockabilly. Cannibal. Strippers.) The film is an incredible joy to watch. Walford has been a huge part of the creation of the suspense driven thriller which is ridden with symbolism, foreshadowing, and excellent use of costume design and other elements to explain aspects of a story which would otherwise be unknown to the viewer. If you enjoy thinking and predicting outcomes in films as much as you enjoy viewing all the gorey details, you’ll love The Ladies of the House.

Although her previous credits don’t include many horror titles, Walford also has a thriller short entitled Dinner With Others. That project is currently in post production about a dinner party which goes awry when guests discover guns at each place setting. It sounds intense!

I sincerely hope that Walford intends to pursue more horror writing in the future, and would encourage those who are curious to check out The Ladies of the House when it debuts on May 1st!

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