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Movie Review: Hellboy (2019) Watch in 4DX or Heckle at Home

The Hellboy films by Guillermo del Toro sought out to humanize monsters. His character portrayals were softer and relatable. Hellboy by director Neil Marshall and writer Andrew Cosby instead created a genuinely fun, weird adventure. Hellboy’s filled with blood, gore, bad jokes, and killer visuals. The film aspired to blaze its own trail from the […]

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#AmericanCarnage by Pochassic

#AmericanCarnage: Sci Fi Short Stories by Pochassic is a new short book by the author of Flesh Without Soul which I reviewed when it came out a few years ago. I was curious to see what this book offered after enjoying the other. Book Description: Sci-fi short stories from the edge of sanity, Endless Horizon, a family having a […]

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The Deep by Michaelbrent Collings

The Deep by Michaelbrent Collings is an interesting book. Typically when I think of sea monsters, or dangers in the ocean, my immediate thought is Jaws. This book takes that same, deeply rooted fear of both the unknown and the creatures which might dwell there, and exploits them. Initially readers aren’t quite sure of what is going […]

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Banshee by Terry Maggert

  Banshee by Terry Maggert is a science fiction and fantasy novel I was sent by the author to take a peek at. I intended to review it much sooner, but as you may read in the author’s note below, life is a very fickle thing. Initially what attracted me to this story was the focus on dragons […]

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Seraphim Song by Pandie Suicide – Book Announcement

I interviewed Suicide Girl, model, actress, and now published author Pandie Suicide about her short film Massacre for Gores Truly a few weeks ago. When she found out that I did book reviews for Zombie Apocalypse Defense Force, she wanted to hop on board and send me a copy of her debut novel Seraphim Song to review! She also was […]

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When We Were Human by Kate L. Mary

When We Were Human by Kate L. Mary is one of those books that I keep meaning to buy, but just haven’t yet. Kate L. Mary is the author of the Broken World series, which I love, and beyond that When We Were Human just was a Silver Medalist for the 2015 Moonbeam Chilldren’s Book Award for YA […]

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The Infected: Nightfall by Joseph Zuko

  This post is about The Infected: Nightfall, the third book in Joseph Zuko’s zombie apocalypse survival series. This time around rather than a review I’m posting a book notice. Why? Well, by a bizarre turn of events I actually ended up editing this one. Since I was part of the project, I can’t review it […]

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American Revenant: Short Film Trailer Release

American Revenant, the book series I seem to always be talking about, is about to hit the big screen. The American Revenant: Short Film is one of many independent releases that we’re looking forward to. – If this trailer is any indication of the quality, it’s a short that I won’t want to miss! Mmm, […]

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