AMC Broke Our Hearts Last Night Or Did They ?

October 26, 2015

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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A legion of Walking Dead fans found themselves nearly (or actually) in tears, screaming at their TV’s last night during the scene of the episode titled ‘Thank You’, where Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Nicholas (Michael Traynor) found themselves cornered by a massive horde of walkers.


During the last moment of the scene Nicholas chose to die by his own hand rather than become walker food, unfortunately, when he fell, he took Glenn with him.Moments later the camera shows Glenn on the ground and covered in blood as walkers pulled out handfuls of guts.



Now, there is a huge debate, did Glenn actually die or did the entrails actually belong to Nicholas, who appeared to fall on top of him ?


The popular theory is that Glenn will survive by hiding under the dumpster, but there are others who believe Glenn actually lost his life there on the hot concrete in that alley. After the episode on The Talking Dead Glenn did not appear in the memoriam section of the show, which makes us wonder. There was also a vague message from  Scott Gimple that left more questions than answers.

“Dear Fans of The Walking Dead,

This is a hard story to tell, and when we were planning to tell it we knew our friends at Talking Dead would be talking to you about it. And knowing you would all be talking and feeling and commiserating I knew we should say something about it, lest our silence say something we didn’t mean to say or not say. So I’ll say this: In some way we will see Glenn, some version of Glenn or parts of Glenn again either in flashback or in the current story to help complete the story.”

“Parts” ? Gimple actually says “parts” ! In  the comics Glenn dies at the hands of Negan, but this wouldn’t be the first time the show and the comic differed. Glenn’s possible death isn’t the only cliffhanger we are faced with. Rick cut his hand fighting those three walkers on the road. For those fans who read the comic you know what might happen next. If they stay true to the comics, Rick may loose his hand, though being stuck in the RV in the middle of a horde is dangerous as well.



We will be forced to wait two weeks to find out if Glenn survived and if Rick will be okay. AMC loves to make us squirm. Next week’s 90-minute episode will focus on Morgan and how he became the man he is on the show today. In the mean time, now would be a good time to join a support group, just in case.



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