Zak Bagans’ Demon House Demolished After Documentary Wraps

February 3, 2016

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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The so called “Demon House” of Gary, Indiana became infamous after a family experienced severe paranormal events. The alleged hauntings, and rumored possessions that occurred during the time that the Ammons’ family resided in the home made papers and news shows nationwide and drew the attention of paranormal investigator and host of  the series Ghost Adventures, Zak Bagans. Bagans purchased the home in 2014. Last year it became the focus of  his documentary, which has just wrapped production.

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The small house on Carolina Street, in Gary looked normal from the outside, but there have been over 800 pages of reports of intense paranormal activity and even possession. Even the Captain of the Gary Police Department swears the house is haunted. Various Mediums and Psychics have stated that the house is infested with hundreds of demons and ghosts. Ammons’ children were reportedly possessed while living in the house. The paranormal events include her and her three children being attacked repeatedly by an unseen entity, seeing ghostly figures, her children levitating and walking up walls, the kids speaking in tongues and demonic voices. The local doctor, police chief, nurses and others witnessed many of the events.

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Bagans plans for the documentary on Demon House to be released this Fall. He has stated that the documentary will explain why he has just had the house demolished.

“Something was inside that house that had the ability to do things that I have never seen before – things that others carrying the highest forms of credibility couldn’t explain either,” Bagans stated in an email to IndyStar. “There was something there that was very dark yet highly intelligent and powerful.”

It doesn’t matter if you are a true believer in the paranormal/supernatural or if you believe it’s all nonsense, you have to admit that it’s an interesting case. I don’t blame Bagans, I would have demolished the house too.

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