It Finally Happened On The Walking Dead – Richonne

February 23, 2016

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Last night on The Walking Dead’s episode 10 “The Next World”, we met a new character, Jesus, played by Tom Payne. What was meant to be an important introduction was over shadowed by something we’ve been waiting for for a while now, Rick and Michonne hooking up, and boy did they.

richonne 1

In the final moments of the episode Rick was relaxing on the couch after a hard run spent chasing Jesus. Michonne came into the living room and sat down beside him. Rick gave Michonne a roll of mints he picked up on the run. Their hands met and intertwined. They gazed into each other’s eyes and leaned in for a kiss that quickly turned into to full blown passion. The scene skips to the both of them asleep in Rick’s bed naked after what could have only been an intense night passion. They hear a noise that woke them both up and they suddenly jump to their feet, weapons in hand and buck naked, to find Jesus at the foot of their bed.

richonne 2

Everything in the episode is second to this scene. You could almost hear a collective “awww” from Walking Dead fans across the U.S. “Richonne” finally happened and we couldn’t be happier. The two have been exchanging looks and touches for the past few seasons. They make the ultimate power couple. Michonne become like a mother to Carl and Judith. She’s strong and bad-ass, yet tender like Rick. The two have been through so much together. Most of us new it was coming but seeing unfold was spectacular!

photocat shonne

Some fans have expressed concern that Rick and Michonne’s new relationship might change the dynamics of the group, but let’s face it, Rick needs it, the show needs it. For the past several seasons it’s been Maggie and Glenn in love, Carol and Daryl flirtting back and forth and Rick alone raising Carl and Judith. Yes, Rick was interested in Jessie, but that would have never worked out. Michonne and Rick are an ideal couple, of course eventually AMC will use the relationship to do what they do best, break our hearts.

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