Confirmed: The Conjuring 2 Will Open With The Amityville Investigation

March 3, 2016

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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James Wan’s The Conjuring 2, one of the most anticipated horror films of the year, will be premiering in theaters on June 10th. Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga will be reprising their roles as legendary real-life paranormal investigators as Ed and Lorraine Warren.

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For a while there have been rumors that the film will begin with another legendary case, the infamous “Amityville Haunting”, before they head to England to investigate the “Enfield Poltergeist”, and now Dread Central has confirmed it.

“This movie starts in Amityville so the very beginning of the movie is what really happened.” The Conjuring 2’s producer Rob Cowan told Dread Central. “[The Warrens] went into Amityville and they hold a seance, and fairly quickly after the whole thing happened…they went in and hold a seance and wander around the house…there’s a very famous photograph of a little boy that’s in the house that they though was one of the kids, so we play all of that out with a little bit of a hook moment that plays throughout the movie and then has a big payoff at the end of the movie. It’s interesting, a little kind of tidbit.”

The photo (below) that Cowan speaks of is an image of boy that shows up in a photograph that was taken in the Amityville Horror house in real life. If you look closely at the banister you will see an apparition of a young boy thought to be the spirit of one of the murdered DeFeo boys.


“When we shot the movie, the original Conjuring, they said, ‘We just got a call about a case in London,’ and when we were just doing the final post, we had to loop it and change it to ‘Long Island,'” Cowen added. “At that time we had already started talking about Enfield, and at that point it was one movie, so we just thought, ‘Well, if you want to give everybody a little fun thing, it’s better to have done ‘Amityville.’ But it is a cool thing about them, about the Warrens, that they’ve toughed a lot of these very well-known events.”

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As a fan of James Wan, Wilson and Farmiga, the Warrens, and the first film, I am more than excited about witnessing not one, but two investigations.

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