Steven Yeun To Fight The Infected In Joe Lynch’s Mayhem

March 20, 2016

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Joe Lynch, the actor/director behind Everly and Holliston, is set to begin production on his latest film, Mayhem, later this month in Belgrade, Serbia. Lynch will direct from the script penned by Matias Caruso (Carnival). The Walking Dead’s Steven Yeun (Glenn on the series) will star opposite Australian actress Samara Weaving (The Babysitter).

collage_photocat mayhem

In Mayhem a virus, capable of making people lose their inhibitions and act out their wildest impulses, spreads through a corporate law office on the same day that Derek (Yeun) is fired after being set up. Derek is now among those trapped in the quarantined building and is forced to fight for both his job and his life.

Fighting for his life on camera is nothing new for Yeun. He’s fought both zombies (aka walkers) and people for several seasons on The Walking Dead, which continues to rake in viewers by the millions every Sunday on AMC. Judging from the Synopsis for Mayhem, it sounds like he’s a perfect fit for the role.


Lynch told Heat Vision “It’s not every day you get to throw action, sci-fi, horror, drama and even satire in the genre blender and hit puree, but Matias’ script, combined with a gung-ho cast and crew – especially Steven and Samara – will make for a deliciously dangerous and exciting cinematic smoothie…with a hell of a kick.”

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