May 2, 2016

Written by Capt McNeely

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Fear The Walking Dead’ returned last night, and boy if you didn’t watch it did you miss out cause last night had to be one of the most The Walking Dead episodes ever!

So it opens to Nick getting the blood and guts off him from last episode in the Ocean. While he’s coming out, a helicopter flies over him with its search lights on. Nick ends up wandering onto new land full of tents and camping supplies as he searches for signs of life he gets chased by a walker, hiding himself in a see-through tent he stabs the Walker in the head and drags him in carving the Walker’s stomach open painting his body with the Walker’s blood because he already discovered Walkers smell your normal and if you smell like them your safe  [Nick cracked the code of invisibility to the Walkers 4 seasons earlier than TWD’s crew ever did!]

Meanwhile on board, newcomers board the ship, men and a women, (one of them is Teen pop sensation Jesse McCartney with dark hair). They board quickly as the women fakes hemorrhaging. It’s soon revealed that the crew that self boarded themselves to the boat was none other than Alicia’s radio boyfriend’s Jack’s gang [you know the guy she was all sweet on and everybody thought Victor was a dick for saying she was stupid]. So Jack stands by, as his buddies tie up his “girlfriend’s” family and friends, while Reed (Jesse McCartney) shoots the raft of a escaping Victor. He [Reed] then points the gun to Chris’s head, demanding the keys to the ship. Chris doesn’t have it, but his dad Travis knows how to hot-wire the boat so Chris gets spared and Travis now has a literal gun-to-his-head to hot-wire a highly computerized yacht. So now we see Madison and Daniel  trying to think up a plan. This is when Daniel works his skills. He instructs Madison to distract ms. preggers over there while he unties himself in turn after, he would untie the rest of them. So Madison now is distracting the pregnant lady, while Travis hot-wires the yacht.

During all of this Victor is dying at sea. As parts of his life flash-forward before his eyes. Storylines of him having drinks with a man talking about money and their own losses after Hurricane Katrina. The man Victor was talking to was way better off then  Victor. And Victor was soon to find that out, as he carted the drunk business man, Louis Abigail to a room in the hotel where he stole all of this man’s credit card where he then with drawled a lump some of money from him. Louis soon found out and “obilgated him” to pay it back [Now I’m beginning to think Victor bought the yacht with the money he stole from Louis!? Remember an episode or two back when Daniel called him out and Victor was like “don’t worry it’s my boat” weirdly? AND the boats called The Abigail, so, come on!]

Anyway in the present Nick makes his way to a very Alexandria place [Alexandria from TWD] and meets up with Louis where they both now have to make their way back to the yacht to smuggle everybody into Mexico where Victor planned to go. So while ALL of this is happening Reed and a newcomer, Conner, makes a deal to take Travis and Alicia hostage and MAKE them parts of their crew. As Travis and Alicia were taken hostage by Connor. Nick and Louis makes it back in the knick of time to the yacht and shoot down Reed’s crew and then while Reed is dumbfounded, Madison, Chris, Ofelia and Daniel all attack Reed and kill him! Episode finale; Madison on a raft pulling a hypothermia stricken Victor away from a icy death.


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