RECAP: Fear The Walking Dead SICUT CERVUS

May 16, 2016


Written by Capt McNeely

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So far we’ve seen The Abigail being attacked by wannabe pirates I.e Connor and Reed’s gang and Madison and her gang getting back her family from them when they were kidnaped. The return of Alex (the chick from Fear TWD Flight 462 that crossed over to Fear TWD Season 2 and Strand refused to help her) and was she pissed off with Travis! So the latest episode opens in a Mexican church with a priest preaching that the zombie apocalypse isn’t a test by God but by the devil to make you turn away from God and the only way to fight it is to survive. As the priest and his followers exit the church, Strand’s boyfriend shows up in a newer body pickup truck. Thomas tries to reason with the priest and make him and his followers understand it isn’t safe to stay in the open, during their chat each one of the people surrounding fell to their knees shedding blood from the eyes and screaming in pain. They were turning.

Flash Forward back to the ship. Travis now is consoling Chris after his recent killing of Reed before he even turned. As Travis tells Chris, Madison is worried about him, Chris breaks down in tears. During this Madison, Strand and Louis spot a upcoming boat heading towards The Abigail. One of the drivers is a man named Miguel, the other unknown. As Mads instructs everybody to get below deck into the engine room, Strand is the only one that stays on deck as the dangerous men board. Starting out compliments and small talk ending in blood shed and death. As Daniel and the rest of the group exits their hiding place they find Louis gunned down. As Daniel is about to end his misery, Ofelia stops it, during this Lou pulls out a coin from his pocket. The coin looks like something evil. Something satanic. And Daniel seen it and refused Louis’ wishes to give it to his mother and flings it into the high seas.

As The Abigail passengers arrive to Mexico they battle the walking dead as Strand flees in search for his boyfriend Thomas. As Madison is being pinned down by a walker Chris stands by and watches seemingly waiting for her to die. Alicia steps in, and kills it saving her mother but now there is a question of Chris’ mental state. Is Chris a killer of the innocent now? As the Fear-TWDers abound the bed of Thomas’ pickup truck, (but where is Thomas?) they’re off for Thomas’ estate. Which by the way is a WAY better version of The Walking Dead’s Alexandria. Upon arrival they’re met by Louis’ mother and the homes help. The help then instructed the group to drop their weapons before entering the safe zone. Or is it? Strand breaks the news to Louis’ mother, Sicilia, of the death of her son, the rest of the group then scatters through the luxurious mansion. Strand then goes to Thomas whom is revealed to have been bitten by a walker and goes to his side.

The rest of the episode in the brief; Chris snapped and threatened Alicia if she told anybody that it’s true that Chris wanted to watch Madison get killed , he’d kill her. In fear, Alicia tells her mother, her mother tells her partner Travis, and Travis tells her that he doesn’t believe it, and stands by his son. Then continuing on stating her son [Nick] was a drug addict and he stood by him and he doesn’t understand why she won’t stand by Chris. Which in a way he’s right but come on [!] they fear their lives here, also what could Travis really do for Chris? It’s the apocalypse [!] for gods sake! There really isn’t a mental ward with psychiatrist on call, right?! While Travis sleeps with Chris and Madison with Alicia, Chris escapes and sneaks into the room of Mads and Alicia and attempts to kill them. During this Daniel is snooping and follows a kid over to the entrance of the mansion’s cellar. The kid is talking to an seemingly Invisible person. As Daniel peeks through the iron bars he questions the boy who he’s talking to. The boy then claims he’s talking to his mother and let’s Daniel in to meet her. His mother is one of a hoard of walkers held back by a caged door. Daniel then questions Sicilia if she was behind the caged up walkers. Sicilia said in blatant terms she was. She stated all the walkers in the cellar were either past help or family and if they were in the open they’d be hunted like monsters. Meanwhile Thomas’ is dying and Strand tells him to let go. He doesn’t want to let go because he doesn’t want to leave Strand. Strand tells him you don’t have to die alone, going on to say that he’d go with him. Sicilia gets wind of this and finds it “beautiful” and brings Strand the poison. Thomas dies and Strand contemplates killing himself. As the show begins to end we hear the sound of a gunshot. The alarming sound alerts Madison and Alicia awake just before they became minced meat by Chris. Chris then leaves creepily through the back door and Strand sits half-assed on a bed with blood running from the dead body of Thomas.

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