Theatrical Release Date Announced For Insidious: Chapter 4

May 16, 2016

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Blumhouse announced earlier today that the fourth installment of their Insidious franchise officially now has a theatrical release date. Insidious: Chapter 4 was written by Leigh Whannell, who co-created the franchise along with James Wan. Wan directed the first two films but this time will only serve as producer for the upcoming film. Adam Robitel (The Taking of Deborah Logan) will be in the director’s chair.




Lin Shaye will be returning to reprise her role as psychic medium Elise. Both Specs (Whannell) and Tucker (Angus Sampson) will also be back to investigate the spirits that plague Insidious: Chapter 4, which will arrive in theaters on October 20, 2017.


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The synopsis for the film has yet to be released, but as soon as it is, we will let you know. At the moment there are rumors that the film might be a prequel, but that has not been confirmed.

The first two films centered on the Lambert family and the spirits that plagued Josh, the father, since he was a small child. Insidious: Chapter 3, which was released in 2015, departed form that story line and was a prequel set before the Lambert haunting. It followed Elise Rainer as she capitalized on her psychic abilities in an attempt to help a young woman targeted by a dangerous entity.

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